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Rob Delaney has vasectomy

Rob Delaney has had a vasectomy. The 43-year-old actor is "sad" he won't get his wife Leah pregnant again...
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Girl Thing think fatherhood will change Cowell

Girl Thing think their former mentor Simon Cowell will change as a person now he has become a dad.
The five-piece group have all become mothers since the band split in 2001 and believe Simon - who put them together - will become a more caring person now he and his partner Lauren Silverman have welcomed baby son Eric into the world.
Band member Michelle Barber told BANG Showbiz: "Being a parent might mellow him out a bit more. I imagine he'll rule the roost very strictly and his child will probably be very well behaved. He should get a bit of tact, he's a bit tactless, Simon. Sometimes telling kids exactly how it is, isn't always the best thing."
Jodi Albert believes Simon has already proven his parenting abilities when he mentored Girl Thing - who have reformed for TV series 'The Big Reunion' and whose music will be on 'The Big Reunion 2014 Official Album', which is out on March 3 - and all of his other groups, including her husband Kian Egan's former band Westlife.
She said: "I think he's going to be a wonderful father, I really do. He's such a caring person. He has a very strong business head and certain persona, but he's a real sweetheart and he's a real caring person.
"That was the whole thing for me in Girl Thing. As much as our story went the way it went that wasn't ever to Simon's detriment because he was always very supportive and he really gave us everything and he gave me my first ever break in the industry and I'll always be grateful to him for that.
"If we get to see baby Eric at some point soon I will definitely get him a present. I've got good taste!"
Linzi Martin - who is also joined in the group by Anika Bostelaar and Nikki Stuart - thinks little Eric will open up emotions in 'The X Factor' mogul that he has never felt before.
She said: "I think when you become a parent for the first time, it kind of takes your breath a little bit because it's so overwhelming. I personally think he's going to get some feelings that he probably never knew he had, I really do. I think he's going to embrace it and I think he's going to be a fantastic dad."

Randy Jackson: Don’t count out Simon Cowell

Randy Jackson thinks Simon Cowell will return to US TV in a "different, new way".
The 'American Idol' star, who served on the singing competition's judging panel with Simon for nine years, is certain the music mogul will return to American screens better than ever despite the cancellation of the US version of 'The X Factor' recently.
Randy said of the rival show's axe: "I think he's such an amazing talented guy and he helped to born what that is. I'm sure he's plotting his US return in a different, new way. He's a real creator. Never count him out."
The music manager, who is now a mentor to the contestants on 'Idol', would also welcome Simon, 54, back to the show's judging panel with open arms.
He enthused: "He is my dear friend for life. He's one of the greatest to ever do it. So, of course ... I mean, are you kidding? It would be amazing."
Randy, 57, also weighed in on the axe of 'X Factor' USA and feels 'Idol' - which is now in its thirteenth season - is still on the air because it produces more recording artists than any other show.
He explained: "We're the only show that can say we have successful contestants from this format. No other show on TV that's a singing competition can really, really say that. So, that's the test of how well it's done. And I think the idea of finding the best undiscovered talent that really needs a shot is what this show has really done and it continues to do it successfully."
'American Idol' is on 5* on Saturdays and Sundays at 5pm.

Dominic Cooper ‘threw himself’ into sex scenes

Dominic Cooper "really went for it" in sex scenes for 'Fleming'.
The 'Mamma Mia!' star has taken on the role of James Bond creator Ian Fleming in the new series alongside 'Sherlock' actress Lara Pulver, and the actor claims the pair put everything into their performances.
He said: "When sex scenes help the development of the story or the character, you have to throw yourself into them. You have to be brave and very trusting of who you're doing them with - and you have to really go for it."
The 35-year-old actor stars in the Sky Atlantic show - which is based on the author's life as a Naval Intelligence Officer during World War II and also features his wife Ann, who is played by Lara - and he says they often had to do more than one take of the steamy sex scenes.
He told The Sun newspaper: "If it was too much and didn't feel right or if it was too aggressive or without any emotional content, we'd just change it. You have to give a good performance or it will look painful and not real."
Dominic also admitted that although he'd struggle to say no if he was offered the role of James Bond himself, he doesn't know whether he'd be able to live up to the role.
He added: "It's a huge job and would be huge shoes to step into. But it would change the course of your life and career for ever ... Everyone wants to be James Bond. It's an amazing franchise."

Karen Gillan to star in US sitcom

Karen Gillan is set to star in US sitcom 'Selfie'. The Scottish 'Doctor Who' actress has been snapped up by US channel ABC to play the lead role in a new comedic take on 'My Fair Lady', according to The Hollywood Reporter. Karen will play self-centre...

Downton’s Lady Mary to choose Gillingham?

'Downton Abbey's' Lady Mary Crawley may choose Lord Gillingham over her other suitors in the new series.
The widowed character - played by Michelle Dockery - was seen fending off advances from numerous eligible bachelors in the last series of the ITV period drama, but new pictures from the set of the fifth series suggest she may have picked her man.
Michelle and actor Tom Cullen, who plays Lady Mary's childhood friend, were seen shooting a steamy kiss after emerging from a hotel. The scenes take place in Liverpool but were shot in London this week.
An onlooker told The Sun newspaper: "The scenes looked very cosy.
"There was an affection there that you would expect from a couple in a relationship.
"But who knows what is in store for them next series."
In the last series of 'Downton', Lady Mary - whose husband Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens) was killed off in the 2012 Christmas special - turned down Gillingham's marriage proposal and was torn between three suitors, including Charles Blake (Julian Ovenden) and Evelyn Napier (Brendan Patricks).
Meanwhile, 'Downton' newcomer Richard E. Grant has promised his character, house guest Simon Bricker, will "shake things up" when he arrives at the famous Crawley home.
Richard teased: "I started filming yesterday.
"When I stepped on to the set at Highclere, I thought, 'Yes, I'm home'. I'm upstairs, naturally!
"I don't want to spoil anything but my character is set to cause some ructions. He definitely will shake things up. It's going to be fun."

Ant and Dec to launch show in the US

Ant and Dec are planning to take 'Saturday Night Takeaway' to the United States.
The presenting duo are TV favourites in Britain but have so far been unsuccessful in their attempts to launch a career in America, although they are now said to be in talks about launching the hit show over there.
Dec said: "There has been some interest from the States. We have had a couple of meetings over there about it. It could be called 'Saturday Night Take-Out'!"
The stars - full names Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly - failed to win over audiences when they took their series 'Wanna Bet' to the US in 2008 but have continued to win prizes for their on-screen chemistry in the UK.
A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "The boys are still the biggest names on TV here ... but they are very ambitious so they would love to go to America and have a hit."
The pair could follow in the footsteps of their former 'SMTV Live' co-host Cat Deeley - who has presented American dance contest 'So You Think You Can Dance' since 2006 - and they haven't given up on their dream yet.
Ant said previously: "We will probably try our luck in America again. It would need to be the right show. I think we've got one big push left."
It's been suggested that Ant and Dec will take 'Saturday Night Takeaway' to the US in 2015 after they've finished working on the upcoming series of 'Britain's Got Talent' and 'I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!'.

Robert Lindsay rules out My Family return

Robert Lindsay insists he will never return to 'My Family'.
The actor played Ben Harper in the BBC family sitcom between 2000 and 2011, but he has ruled out a revival for the comedy, which also starred Zoe Wanamaker as his wife Susan.
He told Digital Spy: "Oh no! No, no, no, no. That's gone now.
"The kids are 45! When the kids kinda went like that you went, 'Oh...' "
"I don't like returning to things anyway."
The 64-year-old star went on to suggest he continued starring in the series - which screened 11 series and numerous Christmas specials - for longer than he had originally intended.
He said: "I did 'My Family' for a really long time and for reasons that I will not go into here ... one of which was Zoe 'cos I loved her so much.
"It was just a very convenient job - it was Pinewood Studios, which was just a hop, skip and jump from where I lived."
Robert starred in all but three of the 120 episodes of 'My Family', while Zoe appeared in 115 episodes.
The series also starred Gabriel Thompson, Daniela Denby-Ashe and Kris Marshall as the Harpers' children.

Big Reunion’s 5th Story to have bust-up?

'The Big Reunion's Kavana and Adam Rickitt could be heading for a fight.
The pair have been put in the new boyband 5th Story - also consisting of Dane Bowers, Blazin' Squad's Kenzie and Gareth Gates - for the comeback show, but there appears to be bad blood between the two pop stars and a big bust-up could be looming.
Kavana, 36, has held a grudge against the former 'Coronation Street' star after his manager Nigel Martin-Smith ditched him in 1998 and turned his attention to Adam.
According to the Daily Star newspaper, Kavana said: "I was working my balls off and Nigel was losing interest in me and then I heard there was this new kid on the scene - a guy with abs, blonde hair who was cute. I wasn't getting the time of day off Nigel."
The 36-year-old singer was forced to leave the UK and blames the 35-year-old hunk for destroying his career.
Adam said: "We have never spoken about this. I felt it was my fault you left the UK."
Kavana replied: "Yes. Basically."
Dane added: "You two have got to have a fight."
'The Big Reunion' airs tomorrow (20.02.14) at 9pm on ITV2.

Alan Davies’ marriage inspires Creek role

Alan Davies' marriage inspired the new series of 'Jonathan Creek'.
The crime-solving drama will return for a new series on BBC One this week and Alan - who married children's book author Katie Maskell in 2007 - says art may have imitated life as his titular detective is married in the latest episodes.
He said: "The fact he's married may be tied to the fact that I'm married. It always said something about Creek that he'd be completely withdrawn from society and other people. Now it says something about him that he's re-entered the atmosphere and is able to sustain a relationship. You couldn't just leave him in the windmill for ever, making up tricks."
Meanwhile, Alan - who first began playing Jonathan Creek 17 years ago - insists he isn't worried about the show competing against 'Sherlock', BBC's hit modern day interpretation of Sherlock Holmes.
He explained: "[Writer] David Renwick is the world's biggest Sherlock Holmes fan - though probably more the original [Arthur] Conan Doyle version - but he'll never pander to whatever is in vogue.
"He won't watch 'Sherlock' and think, 'Oh, that's the kind of thing they want now, where it's all fast-paced and groovy and everyone's good-looking, so we'd better make Creek like that.' He'd rather think, 'Right, what are they doing this year? We can take the piss out of that and be back again next year.' "

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