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James Blake releases new single Say What You Will and announces fifth album

James Blake will release his fifth album 'Friends That Break Your Heart' later this year. The 32-year-old singer-songwriter has...

Kanye West fan selling bag of air from album event

A Kanye West fan is selling a "bag of air" from his album listening party. The 44-year-old rapper recently...

Roger Daltrey contracted pneumonia after beans shoot

Roger Daltrey contracted pneumonia after sitting in a tub of baked beans for a photoshoot. The Who frontman “drew...

Roger Daltrey contracted pneumonia after beans shoot

Roger Daltrey contracted pneumonia after sitting in a tub of baked beans for a photoshoot. The Who frontman “drew...

Rebecca Ferguson claims campaign is being backed by high profile stars

Rebecca Ferguson says a number of high profile music stars are backing her campaign against abuse in the music industry.

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Prince Charles donates £50,000 to Somerset

Britain's Prince Charles has donated £50,000 to aid flood victims in Somerset.
The Prince of Wales visited the ravaged county in south west England today (04.02.14) and pledged his financial support through the Prince's Countryside Fund charity.
Victoria Elms of the Prince's Countryside Fund said: "Rural communities in the south west are facing a second consecutive year of flooding.
"The Prince's Countryside Fund exists to support the people who live and work in the countryside and we hope this financial aid will go some way to supporting the farmers, businesses and families who are facing severe hardships as a result of the flooding.
"Rural businesses are key to thriving communities and we want to help get hard-hit villages back on their feet and open for business."
In an adventurous trip, the 65-year-old royal reached the village of Mucheleney by police boat and later travelled by tractor along the flooded roads to witness the devastation caused by the flooding.
Speaking at a reception, Prince Charles declared that it was a "tragedy" that more hadn't been done to aid victims of the flooding in Somerset.
He said: "There's nothing like a jolly good disaster to get people to start doing something. The tragedy is that nothing happened for so long."

Jimmy Fallon loves fame

Jimmy Fallon thinks fame is "awesome".
The new presenter of 'The Tonight Show' treasures every moment of his success because of a stint in the Hollywood wilderness when he turned his hand to acting after leaving 'Saturday Night Live' in 2004.
He said: "It was rough days! I couldn't get arrested, man.
"[Fame] is a treat, it's awesome, because I know what it's like not to be famous. When you experience both sides of it, this side is much better."
The 39-year-old presenter - who has six-month-old daughter Winnie with wife Nancy Juvonen - also admitted he is going to embrace being a "rich old white guy" and become more fanatical about golf.
He told New York magazine: "Golf is gonna be my thing. I have to be a rich old white guy, that's what I have to become. It's so sad, but I gotta play the part, man. I've already got my cardigan."
Jimmy is a regular golf player but in an attempt to get better, he has had clubs specially made and takes weekly lessons, as well as doing calisthenic exercises with a ball.
He joked: "I twerk for about 25 minutes. There's a lot of hip motions - Shakira is probably very good at golf."

Woody Allen feels ‘sad’ for Dylan

Woody Allen feels "overwhelming sadness" for Dylan Farrow.
The 'Blue Jasmine' filmmaker's adopted daughter spoke out at the weekend alleging he had abused her at the age of seven, but the director's lawyer insists none of the allegations are true and were simply "implanted" by her mother, Woody's former partner Mia Farrow.
Lawyer Elkan Abramowitz told the 'Today' show: "His reaction is one of overwhelming sadness because of what has happened to Dylan.
"She was a pawn in a huge fight between him and Mia Farrow years ago, and the idea that she was molested was implanted in her by her mother. That memory is never going to go away. So the fact that she says this now, that it happened 20 years ago, is totally understandable."
The lawyer insists Dylan - who is now 28 and goes by a different name - isn't "lying" but she doesn't realise she was fed a false story.
He added: "In my view, she's not lying. I think she truly believes this happened. That's what the vice of this is. When you implant a story in a fragile seven year old's mind, it stays there forever. It never goes away."
The claims were previously investigated and dismissed in 1992, and the lawyer believes they have only resurfaced now out of Mia's "desire to hurt" her former partner.
He said: "Woody Allen is not interested in suing anybody for defamation. He was determined not to have molested his daughter 20 years ago. The case is over. There is no case. The fact that it is being brought up now is suspect. The timing is suspect.
"I think that it's a continuation of Mia Farrow's desire to hurt Woody Allen. And Woody Allen is now riding fairly high. He got the Golden Globe Award for lifetime achievement, which he totally deserved. And I believe it revived the anger that she has toward him."

Olivia Newton John to have Las Vegas residency

Olivia Newton John is set to headline her own Las Vegas show.
The 65-year-old singer - famed for appearing alongside John Travolta as Sandy in the 1978 film adaptation of 'Grease!' - will perform classic songs from the musical in addition to her own pop singles, when her residency at the Donny and Marie Showroom in The Flamingo Hotel kicks off on April 8.
According to USA TODAY the show - named 'Summer Nights' - will run for 45 nights with dates scheduled throughout the summer, and fans will enjoy iconic 'Grease!' hits such as 'Hopelessly Devoted to You' and 'You're the One That I Want'.
Olivia is the latest to headline a show in Las Vegas, as Shania Twain and Donny and Marie Osmond all have concerts in Sin City, while Britney Spears began her two-year residency at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino last November.
If successful, the series of concerts could prove lucrative for Olivia as Celine Dion has seemingly been cashing in from her residency at Caesars Palace over the last three years.
The 'My Heart Will Go On Singer' reportedly earns £33 million a year from her Las Vegas shows and announced last March she would be extending her residency for another five years.

Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz cast in The Lobster

Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz will star in 'The Lobster'.
The Hollywood A-Listers who will take on lead roles in the forthcoming film are to star alongside Ben Whishaw, Léa Seydoux and Olivia Colman in the project which is being helmed by Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos, according to
Lanthimos - whose drama 'Dogtooth' scored an Oscar nomination in 2009 - said: "I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to work with such great actors. Their contribution to our film will enrich and expand the world we are trying to create and explore. Furthermore our team of old and new collaborators makes me very confident and excited to start making this film."
Lanthimos will also produce the picture - which will be his first English language film - alongside Ed Guiney, Lee Magiday and Ceci Dempsey, with Andrew Lowe as executive producer.
The sci-fi flim which is an unconventional love story set in a dystopian future has been co-written by Lanthimos and Efthimis Filippou.
'The Lobster' will start filming scenes on March 24 in Ireland.

Nick Jonas working on Demi Lovato’s tour

Nick Jonas has been hired as the musical and creative director of Demi Lovato's tour.
The former Jonas Brothers singer, who parted ways with the band four months ago, shares the same manager as the 'Let It Go' hitmaker and was thrilled to be offered the position ahead of her 'Neon Lights' tour, which kicks off on February 9 in Vancouver.
He told Rolling Stone: "I'm overseeing video content, wardrobe, lighting and staging. And then I'm extending into the musical side of things, which includes creating the arrangements for the songs.
"I'm building what Demi wanted, which is a show without stops and starts."
The 21-year-old performer, who was previously in a band with his brothers Kevin, 26, and Joe, 24, and has been close friends with Demi, 21, for a number of years.
He continued: "I was immediately excited when I was offered the position. The relationship that Demi and I had over eight years really gives me the insight into how to best communicate with her and her team."
The tour will feature tracks from all four of Demi's studio albums, including 2008's 'Don't Forget', and Nick has been in rehearsals with the band for the past two weeks.
He said: "The biggest challenge has been just trying to rethink some of the music and see how we could compliment it with lights and video."
The singer is also focusing on his own material and says he has "a lot of things in the pipeline".
He added: "I'm waiting to release some news about my music and my next steps. It isn't quite locked in yet, but I have started making some music and now it's all about lining up the pieces."

Tom Cruise sued over Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol screenplay

Tom Cruise is being sued over the 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol' screenplay.
The actor and Paramount Pictures have reportedly been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit for $1 billion by writer Timothy Patrick McLanahan, who claims he came up with the original idea for the blockbuster back in 1998.
According to, the official court documents filed on 20 December 2013, read: "In 1998, I had written a screenplay called 'Head On'. After submitting it to the US Copyright Office, 'Head On' received a copyright certificate protecting its material and author from unauthorised use."
The screenwriter claims his original script by rejected by William Morris Agency, but they allegedly "shopped the script around the world ... including [to] Tom Cruise's Rick Nicita, top agent with Creative Artist Agency."
When the fourth instalment in the iconic 'Mission Impossible' action franchise about spy Ethan Hunt was released in 2011, McLanahan says the plot similarities were immediately obvious.
He wrote: "I immediately recognised that the scripts for this movie had been illegally written and produced from Head On's 1998 copyright."
The hefty sum of $1 billion McLanahan is requesting in damages allegedly covers the sum of 'Ghost Protocol's box office sales ($694,710,000), DVD sales ($144.5 million), movie rentals, subscription sales and budget ($145 million).

Pharrell Williams to perform at Oscars

Pharrell Williams will perform his Oscar-nominated song 'Happy' at this year's Academy Awards. The track, which is the anthem for animated film 'Despicable Me 2', is up for a Best Original Song at the awards on March 2 and producers have now announced...

Ed Sheeran’s tattoos inspired by new album

Ed Sheeran is getting a tattoo sleeve inspired by his upcoming album.
The 'Lego House' singer, who is set to release his second record this year, the follow-up to his debut album '+' in 2011, already has a number of inkings by celebrity tattoo artist Kevin Paul and plans to add to the collection with artwork relating to his music.
Kevin exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "He's getting another sleeve done with inspiration from his new album.
"The left arm is done and we are working on the right one. He had a teddy bear a couple of weeks ago, because he was called 'Teddy' at school.
"He's also had a rose done, and a lizard, which was to do with his new album. There's loads we're working on now."
The artist gushed about the 22-year-old singer and his new album after he was treated to an exclusive preview.
Kevin said: "I've heard it [the new album], it's really good. There's a song called Tenerife, that is my favourite song. This year is definitely going to be his year."
Ed also counts a number of big stars as friends, including Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift, and Kevin said "every celebrity wants to be around Ed" including 'The World's End' actor Paddy Considine.
Kevin explained: "Paddy is a big fan of Ed and for his 40th birthday I asked him [Ed] if he could sign something for him. He was really ecstatic that Paddy liked him because he was a fan.
"He ended up giving me his double platinum disk for 'Lego House' signed to give him for his birthday. That's just the kind of guy he is. He's just a genuinely nice person."

Kelly Brook shows off her bikini body

Kelly Brook kept all eyes on her in an animal print bikini as she stepped out in Miami Beach. The model spent the day by the pool with her reported boyfriend David McIntosh.

12 Years a Slave leads wins at London Critics’ Circle Film Awards

'12 Years a Slave' won three awards at the London Critics' Circle Film Awards on Sunday night (02.02.14).
The historical drama was named film of the year, while Chiwetel Ejiofor won actor of the year for his portrayal of Solomon Northup - a real-life figure who was kidnapped and sold into slavery - and his co-star Lupita Nyong'o took the prize for best supporting actress at the ceremony which was held at London's May Fair Hotel.
Director Steve McQueen - who was born and raised in London - was thrilled with the response the film has received and felt "humbled and heart-warmed" by the support.
McQueen - who lost out on best director category to Gravity's Alfonso Cuarón - said: "It got people to the cinema. What's so interesting about the response from critics and audiences is that they want to see films which have some difficulties.
"They are interested in films where they have to work. They are interested the films where they see themselves reflected in the cinema screens.
"I have people in the street - builders, bus drivers - being so supportive to the movie. I've felt so much love for this film in this country and I'm so humbled and heart-warmed that it's from my own country."
The ceremony began with film critic Jason Solomons paying tribute to the late American actor and director Philip Seymour Hoffman as news of his death in New York City emerged.
Cate Blanchett was named actress of the year for her performance in Woody Allen's 'Blue Jasmine' and Dame Judi Dench won British actress of the year commended for her work in 'Philomena'.
Meanwhile, James McAvoy won best British actor for his work in 'Filth' and 'Trance'.
Gary Oldman, 55, was honoured with the Dilys Powell award for excellence in film and he was delighted about the recognition he'd been given.
He told the BBC News: "I think, I think it's quite a big deal, I think it's a big deal tonight."

Full List of Winners:

Film of the year - 12 Years a Slave

British film of the year - The Selfish Giant

Foreign-language film of the year - Blue Is the Warmest Colour

Documentary of the year - The Act of Killing

Actor of the year - Chiwetel Ejiofor - 12 Years a Slave

Actress of the year - Cate Blanchett - Blue Jasmine

Supporting actor of the year - Barkhad Abdi - Captain Phillips

Supporting actress of the year - Lupita Nyong'o - 12 Years a Slave

British actor of the year - James McAvoy - Filth, Trance, Welcome to the Punch

British actress of the year - Judi Dench - Philomena

Director of the year - Alfonso Cuarón - Gravity

Screenwriter of the year - Ethan Coen & Joel Coen - Inside Llewyn Davis

Young British performer of the year - Conner Chapman - The Selfish Giant

Breakthrough British film-maker - Jon S Baird - Filth

Technical achievement award - Gravity - Tim Webber, special effects

Dilys Powell award for excellence in film - Gary Oldman

Julianne Hough hits the shops in dungarees

Julianne Hough kept comfortable on a shopping trip in West Hollywood yesterday. The actress teamed her denim dungarees with retro glasses as she splashed out at fashion retailer Intermix.