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Lainey Wilson gushes over Jon Bon Jovi after he sent her letter

Lainey Wilson has confirmed Jon Bon Jovi sent her a letter praising her talents. During an interview between the...
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Justin Bieber seeks spiritual solace

Justin Bieber searched for spiritual help this weekend which he hoped to achieve through a baptism-like ceremony.
The 19-year-old singer was keen to find a Manhattan property with a private pool on Saturday (01.02.14) to conduct a "cleansing ritual" with the Hillsong Church NYC which believes a person should seek baptism in the Holy Spirit to live a fruitful Christian life.
A source told the New York Post newspaper: "Justin and his team spent time on Saturday searching for a place with a pool where they could conduct a baptism for him, a cleansing ritual, with the Hillsong Church. But they couldn't find a place in time."
This comes after Justin made headlines for getting himself in trouble.
The 'Confident' hitmaker is facing legal problems in Toronto for allegedly assaulting a limo driver, he allegedly egged a neighbour's house in Los Angeles and was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), resisting arrest and driving without a licence in Miami.
Another source added: "Justin is serious about his Christian faith, and after recent events, he needed to take a pause."
Justin is believed to have been baptised as a child and is known to be a fan of the megachurch - which is a Protestant church that has more than 2,000 persons in average weekend attendance.

Peter Andre and Gary Barlow bond over fatherhood

Peter Andre and Gary Barlow have exchanged parenting tips.
The 40-year-old singer - who already has Junior, eight, and Princess, six, with ex-wife Katie Price and three-week-old daughter Amelia with fiancé Emily MacDonagh - admitted him and the 'X Factor' judge found there is "no right and wrong way" to raise children.
He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I had this chat with Gary Barlow - he won Father of the Year last year and I had it the two years before.
"We discussed what makes a good parent, and the answer is simple, no one does it the right or wrong way, you put your kids first, you're a good parent. I'm much easier and more lenient with my kids than my parents were with me, but it doesn't make me a worse parent, it's my way.
"Before he won, Gary said 'I'm taking it off you this year, Andre'. I said I'd let him have it, maybe I need to give my arm a rest."
Peter - who proposed to Emily on New Year's Eve after 18 months together - is delighted with what his life has to offer him at the moment and is looking forward to the future
He gushed: "I have the wonderful gift of a baby, the engagement, and to have this as well, a career thing. It's unbelievable."

Woody Allen’s lawyer slams ‘vengeful’ ex

Woody Allen's lawyer has blamed a "vengeful lover" for Dylan Farrow's sexual abuse claims.
The 'Blue Jasmine' director's adopted daughter wrote an open letter for the New York Times at the weekend - in which she made a series of accusations about the filmmaker abusing her at the age of seven - and his legal representative Alkan Abramowitz appears to have suggested Dylan's mother, Woody's former partner Mia Farrow, made up the accusations.
Alkan told CNN: "It is tragic that after 20 years a story engineered by a vengeful lover resurfaces, even though it was fully vetted and rejected by independent authorities.
"The one to blame for Dylan's distress is neither Dylan nor Woody Allen."
The accusations date back to 1992, when it emerged Woody was having an affair with Mia's adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, who he later married.
In the custody battle over the estranged couple's children, Dylan, Moses and Ronan, the actress alleged the filmmaker had molested their daughter but the charges were later dropped.
Following the publication of Dylan's essay, the 'Midnight in Paris' filmmaker slammed her claims as "disgraceful".
His representative said: "Mr. Allen has read the article and found it untrue and disgraceful. He will be responding very soon."

Harry Styles goes art shopping

Harry Styles has splashed out £20,000 on "love and sex" themed art.
The One Direction hunk - who is rumoured to be dating 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star Kendall Jenner - bought 20 prints by artist Hayden Kays, including one piece which is simply a white background bearing the text 'If I wasn't straight I'd definitely be gay'.
Another of the pieces - which cost £1,000 each - features crudely-drawn penises with one bearing the words 'My pen is huge' inside, while another text-only design reads 'I think about sex every sex words'.
A source told MailOnline website that the prints were "probably to decorate his new home".
Harry's discovery of the artist isn't new, as he first bought a Kays print almost two years ago.
The source said: "Back in 2012 he purchased another love-related piece after his split from Caroline Flack."
The 20-year-old singer has an impressive art collection in his London home, with his pieces including a skull, a model of Jesus wearing boxing gloves and a £5,000 sculpture of a hand gun inside a glass fire alarm case.
Ben Turnball, who created the gun piece, said last year: "I did a series of fire alarms with weapons in called 'Every Home Should Have One'.
"Harry had one with a gun inside. I wasn't actually at the art fair and I didn't do the deal, but I'm fairly sure that Harry would have got a little bit of a discount.
"I think he bought a couple of my collage works that are made out of original comics and show giant pictures of firemen, relating to the 9/11 memorial."

Matthew McConaughey: I wanted frightening roles

Matthew McConaughey wanted to take on film roles that "scare" him.
The actor, who has been nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of a real-life AIDS victim in 'Dallas Buyers Club', made a conscious decision not to take a part in another romantic comedy, after appearing in 'How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days' and 'Failure to Launch'.
He told Time Out London magazine: "I'm not going to carry on doing the same thing over and over. I was reading romantic comedies. And I liked them. But I wanted to do something that scares me a little bit.
"The first move was saying 'no' to scripts. That was six months of 'no' and then a year of nothing. And something happened. I gained anonymity and suddenly it became a good idea for William Friedkin [director] to call about 'Killer Joe' or Steven Soderbergh about 'Magic Mike'."
The 44-year-old star admits it was difficult not working for so long but he found comfort in his family, spending time with his wife Camila and their children, 13-month-old Livingston, Vida, four, and Levi, five.
When asked if he got the jitters not acting, he replied: "A little bit. But I hunkered down with my wife. And I had a son come into the world. When I got anxious, I could be like: shepherding my newborn son is a great thing to be doing.
"If it hadn't been for my son, I'd have been more antsy for sure. I look at all this as switching gear: same book, different chapter. I could have done some of these roles five or ten years ago. I didn't. I had a nice run there. I enjoyed those romcoms. So they didn't get critical acclaim. That's not my concern. Now I've started doing this and I'm enjoying it. People are going, 'We like him.' "

One Direction to launch their own café

One Direction are set to launch their own café chain.
The 'Kiss You' hitmakers will reportedly provide a meeting place for crazed fans by setting up a string of coffee shops filled with band memorabilia, and the bid to expand their empire could see the first branch opening in Shibuya, Japan as early as this month.
Insiders told the Daily Star newspaper: "The cafés will be very child friendly for younger fans and they're sure to be stocked up with lots of 1D merchandise. It could become one of the group's biggest money-spinners if it takes off. Everything linked to One Direction equates to success at the moment."
Its thought the lucrative new business venture is highly favoured by mentor Simon Cowell, who hopes to open a second branch in London, before opening several more in New York, Paris, Berlin and Sydney.
The source added: "This could become the lads' version of Planet Hollywood. That chain was backed by stars such as Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger when it launched in 1991."
The news come after reports that the boys - Harry Styles, 20, Niall Horan, 20, Louis Tomlinson, 22, Liam Payne, 20, and Zayn Malik, 21 - are predicted to earn £611 million this year following their 'Where We Are' stadium tour which kicks off on April 25, in Columbia.

Jared Leto inspired by grandma

Jared Leto's 'Dallas Buyers Club' role was partly inspired by his grandma.
The 30 Seconds to Mars frontman portrays transgendered AIDS victim Rayon in the award-winning movie and he says his character's habit of ending her sentences with "Darlin'" was influenced by his grandmother's way of speaking.
He said: "I waxed my whole body and my eyebrows I lost a lot of weight, I changed my voice - the dialect and register - it was a pretty intense journey.
"[Saying 'Darlin'' at the end of sentences], my grandmother used to do that, she was from the South and there was certainly a bit of grandma in there."
The 42-year-old actor shed a huge amount of weight for the role, but admits once filming ended he found it impossible to tuck into the huge feast he had been dreaming of.
Speaking on the Kiss FM Breakfast Takeaway, he said: "When you starve yourself for that long, you cant even eat a tablespoon because you get full. You think you're going to have this huge meal and then you're stuffed after a couple of bites and can't enjoy it,everything is weird, it takes a while to get back to normal.
"And you start gorging when you do stretch your stomach a bit. It's hard to stop eating."

David Beckham to make ‘exciting’ announcement

David Beckham is making an "exciting" announcement next week.
The former soccer star - who has children Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 11, Cruz, eight, and Harper, two, with wife Victoria - is widely expected to confirm he is launching a Major League Soccer (MLS) team and though he wouldn't directly confirm the reports, he admitted he is looking forward to what the future holds.
Asked what is next for him, he told US TV show 'Extra': "I've got an exciting announcement coming up next week which I'm really excited about.
"A little hint? It involves the MLS and my involvement in the game in America, it involves my ownership of a franchise, something I'm excited about."
The 38-year-old star also ruled out coaching a team, insisting it isn't something that has ever appealed to him.
He said: "Would I go into coaching? No. I mean, I love coaching kids, but coaching a professional team has never really interested me but to be an owner would be kind of incredible."
David was given an option to acquire an MLS franchise at a discounted rate of $25 million when he joined Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007 and is likely to announce the formation of a team in Miami next Tuesday (11.02.14).
MLS have issued a statement saying: "Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber and David Beckham will make a significant announcement impacting the Miami community. They will be joined by Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez."
If funding for a stadium can be agreed, David's team is likely to join the MLS in 2017.

Carly Rae Jepsen emotional over Cinderella shoes

Carly Rae Jepsen felt "emotional" when she tried on Cinderella's glass slippers for the first time.
The 'Call Me Maybe' hitmaker is taking the lead role in the rags-to-riches fairytale on New York's Broadway and was thrilled the iconic footwear fitted her the first time she tried the shoes on.
Discussing wearing the shoes for the first time, she told MTV News: "It was surprisingly emotional. I think that it's just such a classic tale and the shoes are so much a focal point to the whole thing and they were like, 'What size are you?' And I was just really happy that it actually fit. I was like it would be a bad omen if my first try, the size is off, but it did fit."
And the 28-year-old star - who makes her debut in the production tonight (04.02.14) - also admitted she is worried she won't be able to keep her emotions in check during the scene where her character goes to the ball in a horse-drawn carriage.
She said: "Every single time this scene happens, I feel like balling like a baby. It's so emotional, and she's flying through the sky in the scene to get to the palace to meet Prince Charming. It's every girl's fantasy."
Despite her excitement, Carly admits she feels "intimidated" by the huge production, which is making its debut in the famous theatre district.
She said: "It's a huge learning curve for me, but it's intimidating in a lot of ways as well. It's 24 hours and I sleep, I have dreams about Cinderella. Luckily, I have good people around me."

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