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Adele hails Sabrina Carpenter’s viral hit Espresso ‘my jam’

Adele says Sabrina Carpenter's mega-hit 'Espresso' is her "jam" as she relates to the line, "I'm working late, cause I'm a singer."

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Tom Odell found dating Taylor Swift ‘terrifying’

Tom Odell found the attention while dating Taylor Swift "terrifying".
The 23-year-old musician briefly dated the '22' hitmaker in February last year and admits he found the press attention too much to bare.
Tom told Britain's GQ magazine: "It was terrifying. I'd have to be very in love to be with someone that famous."
The 'Another Love' singer claims he never had the opportunity to dress in smart outfits when he was growing up, but his love of fashion has grown since he performed live at the Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2013 show.
Tom explained:"I am interested in that classic British look - yet also that classic American look. Burberry did that for me, because when I played at their party last year it introduced me to fashion.
"I grew up in the suburbs of a small town on the south coast where the only opportunity I ever got to wear anything smart was a funeral, so I had never owned a piece of clothing worth more than £40."
Tom now relishes the opportunity to buy expensive clothes, and revealed he even spends hundreds of pounds on multivitamins to keep him looking and feeling his best whilst on tour.

Matthew McConaughey worried about HIV

Matthew McConaughey consulted three doctors about HIV in his teens.
The 44-year-old actor - who plays AIDS sufferer Ron Woodroof in 'Dallas Buyers Club' - admits he was so concerned about the rise in the sexually-transmitted infection while he was growing up in the 1980s that he sought advice from a number of different health professionals.
He said: "I remember in 1988 I was a senior in college and as a heterosexual young man becoming sexually active I remembered getting worried and what I clearly remember is talking to three different doctors and saying, 'Give me some science on this. 'I'm a heterosexual man and I'm having . . . I'm not being too loose but give me some percentages, give me something . . . ' and they had three completely different answers about what the risks were so I came away from that being more scared.
"I remember thinking, well, I'm gonna go with the guy who said be the most cautious. But nobody knew at the time, the doctors didn't know."
The hunky star - who has children Levi, five, Vida, four, and Livingston, 17 months, with wife Camila Alves - also admits he was keen to steer away from making his role too soppy because that wasn't the aim of the movie.
He explained to RTÉ Ten : "This story hasn't been done this way, it hasn't been approached this way. This story couldn't have gone to sentiment especially in the third act but it would have been untrue to the man Ron Woodroof ... This is not a message movie. The message comes out of following this guy's life."

Victoria Beckham set trends at school

Victoria Beckham revolutionised her school uniform with extra socks.
The Spice Girls star-turned-designer has always taken a keen interest in fashion and found a way to make her compulsory school outfit look less "horrific", with the idea quickly catching on amongst her classmates.
She recalled: "I created a fashion where you'd wear two pairs of socks - one pair on top of the other because it kind of bagged around the ankle. In my eyes, it changed how you looked in this horrific school uniform. It spread like wildfire."
And the 39-year-old star - who has children Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 11, Cruz, eight, and Harper, two, with husband David - was such a fan of designer labels, she used a Gucci carrier bag to tote her books and belongings to school.
She said: "It was a Gucci carrier bag - not a proper Gucci bag, a carrier bag that I would lug all of my books to school in. I would use that day in day out, until the bottom of the thing fell out."
Despite her Posh Spice image, Victoria also admitted her famous black dress she wore in the Spice Girls was high street rather than designer.
Speaking in her Skype documentary 'Five Years - the Victoria Beckham Story', she said: "The first dress I wore in the Spice Girls that everybody thought was a little black Gucci dress was actually from Miss Selfridge. I couldn't have afforded a little black Gucci dress."

Zac Efron designs tattoos

Zac Efron designs his own tattoos.
The 'That Awkward Moment' star, who completed two stints in rehab last year for drug abuse, has several pieces of body art and had a pair of feathers etched on his inner right bicep after drawing the image himself.
The 26-year-old star told the February issue of US InStyle magazine: "I actually designed it. I like to sketch - it's my favourite medium. I've done drawings and paintings for girls, but mostly I do comic books. Sometimes it's just nice to put thought and care into something original."
The 'High School Musical' star is thinking about designing his own clothing line because of his passion for art.
He said: "I think it would be fun to make the kinds of clothes that I would wear."
He added: "I've always liked Neil Barrett (designer). He made me a suit a long time ago that kicked off a working relationship. We might even work on something together."
Zac, who previously dated Lily Collins and Vanessa Hudgens, also admitted he isn't very good at dating.
He said: "I'm usually a one-woman guy, but these last four years I've been anything but. It's been a extreme time, but it's over now."
Asked what he looks for in a woman, he said: "Anybody who looks exotic, regardless of race. And brunettes."

Justin Bieber is focusing on positive energy

Justin Bieber wants to build up "positive energy" after being accused of harassing a flight attendant.
The 19-year-old star, who allegedly filled his private plane with so much marijuana smoke on Friday (31.01.14) that the pilots had to don gas masks and verbally abused a female crew member, attempted to put his latest controversy behind him by retreating to a recording studio with rapper T-Pain in Atlanta, Georgia.
The Canadian singer posted a message on Twitter on Wednesday (05.02.14) with the caption: "Back in my second home. Good to be back. Focused on building up positive energy"
The 'Baby' hitmaker has yet to comment on reports that he and his entourage, including her father, Jeremy Bieber, and 10 friends hot-boxed their leased Gulfstream IV and harassed the crew during their flight from Canada to New Jersey for the Super Bowl last weekend.
The official report from the incident, obtained by NBC News, stated: "The captain of the flight stated that he warned the passengers, including Bieber, on several occasions to stop smoking marijuana.
"The captain also stated he needed to request that the passengers stop their harassing behaviour toward the flight attendant and after several warnings asked the flight attendant to stay with him near the cockpit to avoid any further abuse."
Federal authorities searched the plane when it landed in the US, but nothing was found. None of the members of the flight crew were willing to press charges against the star so all passengers were let go.
But a source told gossip website that Justin, who was arrested for allegedly drunk driving and drag racing in Miami last month, was made aware the plane would be searched before he boarded because he is allegedly on a Homeland Security Watch List as a result of his pending criminal cases.

George Clooney pays tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman

George Clooney is struggling to come to terms with Philip Seymour Hoffman's death.
'The Monuments Men' star paid tribute his 46-year-old "good friend," who was found dead in his apartment in New York City from an apparent heroin overdose on Sunday (02.02.14), at the premiere of his new movie in the city on Tuesday night (04.02.14), and confessed he is "going to miss him a lot."
Before introducing the film at the Ziegfeld Theatre, the 52-year-old star said: "I wanted to start by saying it's very odd to be here in New York, particularly a couple of days after a good friend of ours has passed away. It makes it difficult, and I think it's the elephant in the room for a lot of us here. It's senseless and it's sad, but he will be greatly missed. Phil will be greatly missed. It's hard to be here tonight with that . . . weighing over us, but I wanted to say that."
Meanwhile, Elizabeth Banks, who co-starred in 'The Hunger Games' movies with Philip, echoed George's sentiments.
The 39-year-old actress told the 'TODAY' show on Wednesday (05.02.14): "I'm still processing it. I really am in shock."
She added: "He is an absolutely amazing actor, respected by everyone and part of our family at 'The Hunger Games.'
"We will miss him terribly, and obviously, [we're] really upset for his children and his partner. It's just a tragedy."
A huge number of Hollywood stars, including Tom Hanks, have expressed their sadness following the actor's death, while Michelle Williams, Cate Blanchett, Joaquin Phoenix, Ethan Hawke and Justin Theroux were among the celebrities spotted visiting the late actor's former partner, Mimi O'Donnell, and their three children, Cooper, 10, Tallulah, seven, and Willa, five, at their home.

Lily Collins is smitten with Thomas Cocquerel

Lily Collins is dating Hollywood newcomer Thomas Cocquerel.
The 24-year-old actress, who split from her 'The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones' co-star Jamie Campbell Bower in August after a year of dating, is smitten with the Australian actor, 23, after they were introduced by mutual friends.
A source told "They just started seeing each other. A friend introduced them. It's new. He is an all around great guy. She's happy."
Lily, who previously dated Taylor Lautner from November 2010 to September 2011, clearly isn't planning to hide her new romance as she posted a photograph with Thomas and their friend, Samuel Nolan, on WhoSay on Sunday (02.02.14).
Lily, whose father is Phil Collins, also dated 'That Awkward Moment' star Zac Efron for three months until June 2012 and sparked rumours of a reconciliation when they were spotted holding hands in Disneyland in October.
However sources insisted at the time that the duo were merely friends.
Thomas graduated from the famed National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney at the end of 2012 and is currently filming 'The Kidnapping of Freddy Heineken' alongside Anthony Hopkins and Sam Worthington in Belgium, Amsterdam and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Selena Gomez focusing on reading scripts

Selena Gomez is eager to get back to work following her stint in rehab.
The 21-year-old former Disney star, who checked into a treatment facility in Arizona for two weeks last month, has been reading lots of scripts and attending casting calls in a bid to move forward.
A source told E! News that the brunette beauty is doing "so well" now and is concentrating on reading scripts so she can find another acting project.
The 'Come & Get It' hitmaker was spotted leaving an audition with a script and a big smile on her face in Studio City, California on Monday (03.02.14).
But the source said that Selena hasn't signed on to star in anything just yet.
She also hasn't decided whether she will reschedule the Australian leg of her 'Stars Dance' tour, which she cancelled in December to focus on herself.
The singer decided to seek treatment after her family expressed concern when they saw pictures of her with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber on a Segway early last month.
The source said that the duo's on/off split was extremely tough on her emotionally but she is doing much better after taking time to clear her head.
The 'Spring Breakers' star previously admitted she was eager to focus on acting instead of music.
Asked whether she had plans to stop singing, she said: "Yeah, probably for a while, I wanna get more into film. I'm open to trying new things.
"I just did an action movie and a dark comedy and then a drama so I've been able to do really fun projects that are different."

Chris Brown attended Super Bowl party

Chris Brown went to a Super Bowl party during a break from rehab.
The 'Fine China' singer reportedly made a brief appearance at his friend Trey Songz' bash in Los Angeles on Sunday (02.02.14) after being given permission to leave his treatment facility to visit his lawyer, Mark Geragos, ahead of his latest court appearance on Monday (03.02.14).
A source close to the 24-year-old star told gossip website that he was at the party for approximately 10 minutes and only because he thought it was a charity event.
The insider insisted that Chris didn't consume any alcohol and was monitored by a rehab worker for the entire time.
The R&B star appeared at L.A. Superior Court on Monday for a hearing over an alleged assault in Washington D.C. last October.
The judge ordered him to remain in rehab, where he is completing a 90-day court ordered stint for anger management issues, despite prosecutors asking for him to be taken to jail and claiming he posed "an increasing danger to society."
Chris has been on probation since his 2009 assault on his then-girlfriend Rihanna, which was revoked last December following the fight in Washington D.C.

Kim Kardashian to wed in May

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have brought forward their wedding date.
The couple, who have an eight-month-old daughter, North West, have decided to tie the knot in Paris, France in May instead of July because they are so excited to get married.
A source told Us Weekly magazine that the 33-year-old reality TV star and the 'Yeezus' rapper, 36, want their daughter to be heavily involved in the ceremony.
An insider said: "North will have a large role in the wedding!"
Another friend said that the couple's wedding plans are well underway and they will have "lots of events leading up to the big day" for their guests.
However, Kim, who was married twice before, is said to have been very reluctant to have a lavish ceremony and Kanye is the driving force behind the event.
One insider said: "Kim isn't totally pumped about a huge wedding. But she's going along with it."
The brunette beauty is letting Kanye handle most aspects of their wedding but is overseeing her own dresses.
A friend said: "She'll do one dress change."
The wedding is set to air on 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' and Kim was previously criticised for allegedly making a huge profit from her $10 million televised wedding to her now ex-husband, Kris Humphries, in August 2011.

Susan Sarandon has no regrets

Susan Sarandon has no regrets about ending her relationship with Tim Robbins.
The Oscar-winning actress, who split from 'The Shawshank Redemption' star in 2009 after 23 years together, has revealed she decided to leave him after starring in the comedy about death, 'Exit the King,' on Broadway in New York City that year, as it made her examine her own life.
The 'Stepmom' star told the February/March issue of AARP The Magazine: "You can't do a meditation on death and stay in a situation that's not authentic. It made me examine where I was in my union and in my life, and to have discussions about making changes."
She added: "It's better to have made decisions that turned out badly and learn from them than to feel as if you had no choice and are resentful of the turns that your life takes. My life has been filled with happy accidents. The thing that's served me well is being able to change onto a different track when it's presented itself."
The 67-year-old star, who has two sons, Jack, 23, and Miles, 20, with Tim and a daughter, Eva, 28, from a previous relationship, also admitted for the first time that she is dating her business partner, Jonathan Bricklin, 36, despite previously insisting they were just friends.
She said: "Jonathan and I collaborate on different things. That means a lot of things."
Asked if that included romance, she said: "Yeah, I think so."
The couple, who were first linked in 2009, sparked rumours they got engaged late 2012 when they were spotted looking at jewellery in Amsterdam.

Katie Holmes spends weekend with Jamie Foxx

Katie Holmes spent the weekend in New York City with Jamie Foxx.
The duo, who first sparked rumours they were dating in August after they were spotted dancing at a party in the Hamptons, reportedly flew into the city from Los Angeles together but attended the Super Bowl separately on Sunday (02.02.14), as they are eager to keep their romance under-wraps out of "respect" for the 35-year-old actress' ex-husband, Tom Cruise, who is good friends with Jamie.
A source told the New York Post's Page Six: "Katie flew private to California to stay with Jamie at his home around the Grammys [on January 26].
"Foxx's beautiful daughter Corinne was his date for the Grammys. But he and Holmes also spent time together during Super Bowl weekend, although they attended the game separately."
The pair, who previously denied they were dating, are treading carefully as they don't want to upset Tom, who split from Katie in July 2012 after six years of marriage and co-starred with Jamie in 'Collateral' in 2004.
The insider said: "Jamie is being careful because he has a lot of respect for Tom."
'The Giver' star, who has a seven-year-old daughter, Suri, with Tom, is also said to have met up with Jamie, 46, for a quiet New Year's holiday in Miami, Florida early last month.
A spokesperson for Katie insisted she only went to California last month to meet a director for a movie and denied the rumours.