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Finley Tapp argued with Love Island producers over game

Finley Tapp argued with 'Love Island' producers after a game threatened to undermine his relationship with Paige Turley. The...

Khloe Kardashian slams engagement rumours

Khloe Kardashian is "confused" by rumours she is engaged to her ex. The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star...

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham want to build lake

David and Victoria Beckham want to build a lake at their Cotswold home. The couple are keen to create...

Kacey Musgraves splits from husband

Kacey Musgraves has split from Ruston Kelly. The country singer and her husband have decided to go their separate...

Janelle Monáe slams misogyny in music

Janelle Monáe has slammed misogyny in music. The 'I Like That' hitmaker insists she "only ever wants to hear...

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One Direction get minicab deal in London

One Direction have been given a year's worth of free cab journeys from a London minicab firm.
The boy band mention Addison Lee in their hit single 'Midnight Memories' when they sing "Way too many people in the Addison Lee", and the company were delighted to receive free publicity from one of the most popular boy bands around.
They were inspired by Louis Tomlinson after he took to Twitter this weekend (01.02.14) urging the firm to arrange some kind of deal following the "name drop".
He wrote: "Surely we get some kind of @AddisonLeeCabs gold card for the name drop haha !!?? (sic)"
A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Addison Lee were delighted to be mentioned in the song. They even tried to see how many people you could actually fit in one of their cabs off the back of it.
"So they were more than happy to give something in return. Thanks to Louis, they came up with the idea of giving them a year's worth of free cab journeys."
1D - which also includes Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Harry Styles - were catapulted to the spotlight following their success on singing contest 'X Factor' in 2010 which is when they began using Addison Lee.
The source added: "One Direction have used Add Lees since they were on the 'X Factor', and continued to use the company after they were signed.
"They actually ended up using the same driver quite often, so they took him to Wembley one week to thank him for ferrying them around.
"Lots of the 'X Factor' alumni are still customers of the cab company.
"They've been looking at coming up with a celebrity scheme like this for a while, so the boys ­actually catapulted them into action."

Nicole Scherzinger hangs out with Prince at hotel

Nicole Scherzinger met Prince at his hotel after his gig in London on Wednesday night (05.02.14).
The 35-year-old singer - who recently rekindled her romance with Lewis Hamilton - is good friends with the 'Purple Rain' hitmaker and she reportedly visited him in the early hours of the morning following his set at Camden's Electric Ballroom.
A source told The Sun newspaper: "Nicole was at another awards do attended by Prince Charles then went to see Prince in Camden.
"When the gig was over Prince went to his hotel in one car at 1am and Nicole pulled up shortly after with four minders. She stayed for a couple of hours."
Earlier that night Prince played two surprise shows in England's capital treating fans to new material and his greatest hits.
More than 800 people were allowed in the intimate venue in north London after the doors opened at 7pm and each lucky fan paid just £10 to see the legendary singer perform with his new all-female band 3RDEYEGIRL.
The set included new single 'Pretzelbodylogic', along with 'Let's Go Crazy', 'Funk 'n' Roll', 'Guitar' and 'She's Always in My Hair', in which the 55-year-old singer changed the lyrics to, "always in Prince's big curly hair".
Audience members shouted, "London loves you", before he handed his guitar out to the crowd and dozens of fans surged forward.
The musician came back on for a second encore before fans were ejected from the venue and security let in hundreds of people who were still queuing outside for the second performance.
The pop superstar powered through several of his most famous hits, including 'When Doves Cry' 'Housequake', 'I Would Die 4 U' and 'Purple Rain' and it was around this time that Nicole arrived.

John Legend is always romantic

John Legend is "romantic year-round".
The 'All of Me' singer is planning something special for Chrissy Teigen to celebrate their first Valentine's Day (14.02.14) together as husband and wife, even though he doesn't need an excuse to show his love for his spouse.
Chrissy told Us Weekly magazine: "John's always the sweetest thing. I'm happy cooking at home, but John will be planning something sexy elsewhere [for Valentine's Day]. He's romantic year-round, not just the holiday."
Although John, 35, may be a hopeless romantic, Chrissy, 28, says one of his less sexy qualities is his habit of leaving the bathroom door open when he's in there.
Speaking about how life has changed since they married in September 2013, she recently said: "It's the same, it' sexier, is that what you want me to say? It's so much sexier! Everything's better and bigger! Maybe we're a little more open with the bathroom.
"I am like, 'Babe. Take this back a notch. I cannot keep doing this. I want to pee separately. No more doors open.' "

Zac Efron has no relationship conditions

Zac Efron has no relationship "deal breakers".
The 'That Awkward Moment' star claims there is no personality traits or habits a girl could have that would prevent him from falling in love with her.
Asked if he has any relationship deal breakers, he told America's OK! magazine: "I don't think that there are any. I'm not a person that lives with deal breakers in my life."
However, any potential partners had better not try and get him to watch 'Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants' - a 2005 movie about female friends as he can't bear the film.
He added: "OK, that's a deal breaker! Even with getting ten minutes of the best sex in exchange, it's still not worth sitting through!"
However, Zac, 26, thinks his latest film - about a group of guys who promise not to date after one of them is dumped - is the male equivalent of a chick flick.
He said: "I think guys can relate to this movie. We walk a careful balance between really being good guys deep down, and waking up the next day and feeling guilty for our commitment issues."

Jared Leto to take another acting break

Jared Leto wants to take another break from acting.
The 42-year-old star quit the big screen over half a decade ago to focus on his music career with his band 30 Seconds to Mars and made a comeback this year playing Rayon - a transgender AIDS patient - in 'Dallas Buyers Club', but he's now considering going on another hiatus for "five or six years".
He said: "I'm ready to take another five or six years. If it means coming back with this kind of opportunity and this kind of work ... and this really important story and this tiny little film that we shot in 25 days with no lights, no rehearsal, low-budget film. It's a miracle that it even got made. It took 20 years to get to the screen. So I feel really fortunate. It had been almost six years since I made a movie and I've been touring with 30 Seconds to Mars and still am touring with 30 Seconds to Mars so we'll see what happens next."
Leto is in the running for the Best Supporting Actor prize at the Oscar Awards for his remarkable performance opposite Matthew McConaughey in the gripping biopic and, although he admits he's not bothered if he wins, he believes it would be nice for his family and co-stars.
He explained to RTÉ Ten: "I've never pined for awards but it's really nice when you get them, not just for me but for your friends and your family and the people that you've worked with and for audiences that have supported you so it becomes a really a time of joy but I think it's nice to celebrate your peers."

Dylan Farrow insists she wasn’t brainwashed

Dylan Farrow has hit back at suggestions she has been "brainwashed" by Mia Farrow.
Woody Allen's adopted daughter, who spoke out at the weekend alleging he had abused her at the age of seven, insists she wasn't coached by her mother despite her older brother Moses' recent claims the allegations were merely part of Mia's "vengeful" response to her former partner's affair with her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn.
The 28 year old also denied she came forward before the Oscars in a bid to ruin the 'Blue Jasmine' director's career and told "People are saying that I am not actually remembering what I remember. People are saying that my 'evil mother' brainwashed me because they refuse to believe that my sick, evil father would ever molest me, because we live in this society where victim blaming and inexcusable behaviour - this taboo against shaming the famous at the expense of their victims - is accepted and excused."
Dylan is very upset by Moses' decision to stand by Woody, who vehemently denies the allegations, and speak up for him.
She said: "My brother has broken my heart. Moses divorced himself from the family a long time ago. I always missed him. I loved him and I kept him in my thoughts. These lies - this betrayal - is unfathomable to me coming from a brother I loved and cherished and grew up with."
Mia first made the abuse claims during a 1992 custody battle with the filmmaker. The allegations were investigated but later dropped without charge.

Justin Bieber to be charged for felony?

Police officers want Justin Bieber to face felony charges for throwing eggs at his neighbour's house.
The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department passed the case on to the L.A. County District Attorney (D.A.) on Thursday (06.02.14) and strongly recommended that the 'Baby' hitmaker be punished to the fullest extent of the law for allegedly causing $20,000 in damage to his neighbour's house in Calabasas, California last month.
Lt. Dave Thompson told gossip website "I went to the D.A.'s office today with the paperwork, and I want a felony. Of course I want a felony."
The D.A. is expected to make a decision on the case, which was originally filed as a misdemeanour but could become a felony due to the extent of the damage, in approximately one week.
Justin's friend Lil Za, 20, was charged with felony possession of Ecstasy and oxycodone, and breaking a pay phone while in police custody after being arrested when police raided the Canadian star's home following the egg-throwing incident. If convicted on all counts, the budding rapper could face up to nine years in jail.
Legal issues are building up for the 19-year-old singer.
The 'Heartbreaker' hitmaker is to appear in court in Miami on March 3 over charges of driving under the influence (DUI), resisting arrest and driving with an invalid licence following his arrest there on January 23.
Justin's lawyer Roy Black has already filed a written plea of not guilty.
Justin, who partied with P. Diddy and Rick Ross in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday night (05.02.14), was also recently charged with allegedly assaulting a limousine driver last year while leaving a basketball game in Toronto.

George Clooney loves Sandra Bullock’s son

George Clooney thinks Sandra Bullock's son is "unbelievably great."
The 52-year-old actor bonded with his 'Gravity' co-star's four-year-old little boy, Louis, on the set of the space drama in 2011 and despite regularly making jokes about his actress pal, 49, George thinks she is a "really, truly fun" mother.
'The Monuments Men' star told at the New York premiere of the film: "I haven't babysat Louis, but I've spent some time with that kid. He's a good kid. Sandy - I don't know. But the kid's good!"
He added: "Honestly, I can make all the jokes I want about Sandy because I love her, but she's an unbelievable mom. And that kid's unbelievably great."
The Oscar-winning actress, who adopted Louis in 2009, previously revealed that Louis was a huge fan of George and demanded to spend quality time with him alone away from the set.
She said: "My son thinks he's a very cool dude. If there's a choice between me [and] George and Alfonso [Cuaron, the director], my son will leave me to be with George and these guys. He's a boy's boy, so he has to go talk to the men."

David Beckham didn’t choose Miami for underwear

David Beckham insists his job as an underwear model didn't influence his decision to launch a Major League Soccer club in Miami.
The 38-year-old star, who announced plans to launch his own team on Wednesday (05.02.14), laughed off suggestions he chose the Florida hotspot because he thought he would fit in easily with residents, who are "notorious" for showing off their bodies in barely there outfits.
Asked if he was attracted to the city because of his love of underwear, he told fans during a Google+ Hangout On Air chat: "Now you mention it... There's obviously been quite a lot of press of me in my underwear for the last few weeks, so that's been an interesting one. But no, Miami was definitely somewhere I was interested in bringing the team. For many reasons, for the passion of the people but also to start something fresh, to start something from the ground up, which would be something I'd be very proud of, something I'm looking forward to working on."
The retired player hasn't decided on a name for his team yet but insisted it wouldn't feature his nickname 'Golden Balls', which was given to him by his fashion designer wife, Victoria Beckham when they first started dating.
He said: "I want it to be right, I know how important a name is to the city and to the fans. We have a number of ideas. Someone actually said, 'Is it going to be Golden Balls FC' today, which it's definitely not. That was one of the names that was thrown at me today."
David also explained why he thinks his team will be successful and said: "I believe 100 per cent in the game getting bigger in this country. I know the Americans want to be number one in everything, that's what inspired me to own a team in this country. Soccer's not there yet but it will get there."

Demi Lovato thinks Selena Gomez is ‘amazing’

Demi Lovato thinks Selena Gomez is "amazing."
The 'Heart Attack' hitmaker, who sought treatment in rehab for an eating disorder, drug abuse and self-harming in December 2010, has voiced her support for her best friend following news the 'Come & Get It' singer spent two weeks in rehab last month.
The 21-year-old former 'The X Factor' USA judge told E! News: "Selena is... I've known her for 14 years and we've been best friends. She's amazing. I love her."
Asked how Selena is doing, Demi replied: "We're best friends but that's all of her business and I just want to let her do her thing. She's amazing, I love her."
The duo, who first met when they starred on 'Barney & Friends' as children, were spotted having dinner together at Craig's Restaurant in West Hollywood following Selena's rehab stint in late January, and Demi admitted their dinner dates are "a lot of fun."
Demi also tweeted her support for Selena, who was struggling to get over her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber and allegedly drinking more than usual before seeking help, on Wednesday (05.02.14), writing: "Weakness is living in denial. Only the strongest people ask for help."
A representative for the 21-year-old star confirmed Selena had spent a fortnight at Arizona's Dawn at the Meadows last month, but denied she had "substance abuse" problems.

Kim Kardashian is planning Italian honeymoon

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are planning to honeymoon in Italy.
The couple are set to tie the knot in a lavish ceremony in Paris in May that will feature on Kim's reality series, 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and while their eight-month-old daughter, North West, will be involved in the wedding, the rapper wants to have a romantic holiday with his new wife alone afterwards.
A source told gossip website "Kanye has made it clear to Kim he doesn't want North to come with them on their honeymoon.
"She will most likely stay behind at their apartment in Paris with her baby nurses."
The 33-year-old brunette beauty, who is planning to get pregnant again as soon as she ties the knot, is eager to return to Venice, as North was conceived there.
The insider said: "Kim wants to go back to Venice, where North was conceived so they can start expanding the family. Kim hates to leave the baby behind, but will definitely need down time after the wedding."
But baby North will have a big role in her parents' French nuptials.
The source said: "Kim is so excited to dress her little girl up with her on the big day.
"Everyone knows how unpredictable babies can be, but Nori isn't worrying her parents because she is super mellow, and they aren't concerned about her disrupting the wedding."

Amy Adams cries over Philip Seymour Hoffman

Amy Adams broke down in tears when asked about Philip Seymour Hoffman.
The 39-year-old 'American Hustle' actress, who co-starred with the late actor in 'The Master' in 2012 and 'Doubt' in 2008, started sobbing and struggled to speak while filming an appearance on 'Inside the Actors Studio' in New York City on Wednesday (05.02.14).
A source told "(The show's host) James Lipton asked her about working with Philip on 'Doubt' and 'The Master.' It hit a nerve with her. [Adams] was sobbing and couldn't finish most of her sentences."
The insider added: "Amy talked about how he was the greatest actor she had worked with, and couldn't even tell stories about him without crying. She said to the audience of acting students 'I wish you all could have had the chance to work with him.' "
The interview will air on Bravo in the US on February 19.
Amy signed on to star in 'Ezekiel Moss,' the follow-up to Philip's 2010 directorial debut, 'Jack Goes Boating,' alongside Jake Gyllenhaal just last week.
The 'Capote' star was found dead in his apartment in the West Village in New York on Sunday (02.02.14) from an apparent heroin overdose.
A private wake for the 46-year-old Oscar-winner, who sought treatment in rehab in May 2013 after 23 years of sobriety, is set to take place at Frank E. Campbell Funeral home in Manhattan today (06.02.14) ahead of his funeral at Loyola Roman Catholic Church on Friday morning (07.02.14).